Evolution of Marketing


McDonald’s use of marketing is extensive and brilliant. The case study will evaluate McDonald’s marketing strategy and how it implements the use of the 7P’s for the promotional mix used in marketing. Text that is highlighted will open the source of the reference for your convenience I hope you enjoy the case study!

Table of Contents

Task 1 - Product

Mcdonald’s have scaled their business internationally increasing market shares but also posing new challenges. The picture above shows how they have performed market research into the demographics of the Chinese consumer market by introducing innovative products and applying product differentiation. They have achieved this by blending western and Chinese mix of food cultures to meet the needs of the market. This allows McDonald’s to hold presence within China and to tap into China’s night economy which promotes business revenue, attracts tourists and local residents.

Task 1 - Price

The company’s pricing methods aligns with their value proposition by pricing products in a cost-effective method. The emphasis of value-based pricing strategy of their products are shown by the cost of products within the year of 1955, as this could feed families for a very cheap price whilst saving customers time and energy of cooking.

It is arguable to say the overall development of McDonald’s has to increase the cost of their products due to global economic and distribution factors. However, if McDonald’s raise their prices beyond customer expectation, this could change the value-based perception of customers resulting in customers to seek alternatives for higher quality food within the same price range. The consumers are price sensitive.

Task 1 - Place

There are 40,275 McDonald’s restaurants (Statistica, 2023). McDonald’s have placed their restaurants where people populate areas such as malls, tourist attractions, trains, airports etc. This can entice customers to order from McDonald’s by positioning themselves in front of customers that are going to or coming back from work, shopping, or visiting friends in busy areas. This makes McDonald’s a convenient and accessible option to customers for food.

McDonald’s promotes 24 hours and 7 days a week opening times. Not all of it’s restaurants are able to achieve this which can cause confusion for customers, however this allows customers accessibility to McDonald’s products at any time of the day whilst other competitors are closed during night time hours. McDonald’s has enough workforce and ability to keep operations running and driving sales whilst adapting to customer needs.

Task 1 - Promotion

McDonald’s and Hasbro games formed a strategic alliance in order to orchestrate a promotion strategy that places an emphasis on sales and events promotion by creating their own crossover event.

Both McDonald’s and Monopoly target family orientated markets and both have a considerable influence over their chosen markets. Monopoly is a family friendly game that is often played with children while McDonald’s serves food to families and children. Partnership between both brands makes this the perfect crossover by implementing monopoly game within McDonald’s products through rewards and offers.

Task 1 - People

Fig 5. BC Productions. (2023) Why McDonald’s Has Their Own College [photograph/video]

McDonald’s provides further career opportunities at Hamburger University. This allows beginner staff members to advance towards bigger roles including degrees and apprenticeship opportunities whilst offering flexibility to maintain current responsibilities. This tactic can encourage staff members to become a expert within the food business industry and implement these skills within McDonald’s corporation. 

Task 1 - Process

Fig 6. Stephen Patula. (2022) McDonald’s crew member demonstrates how to make a cheeseburger  [photograph/video]

McDonald’s process is the service of fast-food delivered quickly that tastes nice with short waiting times. Every step must ensure achievable goals with a smooth process such as taking orders, cooking the food, clearing orders, taking payments and delivering the correct order to the correct customer. McDonald’s goal of achieving a smooth customer journey by making food easy to purchase and order with correct delivery can greatly reduce customer dissatisfaction. This can greatly affect customer perception of the business.

McDonald’s crew members should be trained with social interaction skills, reliable card machines, clean and functional kitchen equipment, efficiency with tracking orders accurately and showing key menu items to run their restaurants in a smooth and efficient manner. This can make customers less overwhelmed when ordering and staff members can be confident that they can achieve the desired results.

Task 1 - Physical Evidence

Fig 7. Honeysett, R. (n.d) Modern interior and exterior design in new McDonald’s Hong Kong restaurant. [photograph] (Hover over the middle of the photograph and keep clicking right)

McDonald’s is trying to achieve a more modernised and mature aesthetic. This is replaced through colour usage, equipment usage and portrayal through interior design from lights, chairs, tables, open kitchen etc. This is stripping away the brand perception from customers from a child friendly orientated restaurant to a more adult and mature restaurant by changing its overall aesthetics whilst also providing a brand new and fresh experience for customers.

Task 2 - Promotion


McDonald’s extensively uses the promotion element to attract and retain customer relationships. Communicating the correct intended message with customers and prospects to see which marketing efforts are effective is a good indicator of the brand’s success on how they can meet customer needs and wants. An excellent quality product priced well is not enough to drive growth and impact its chosen markets. McDonald’s value propositions must be communicated uniquely to its numerous target segments accordingly with clear communications to its customers (Kotler et al, 2005 p754).

Overview of how McDonald's uses TV advertisements and celebrity endorsements:

McDonald’s is considered one of the pioneers of the fast-food industry and constantly adapts its products and promotional efforts to gain market share by catering to its market segments using effective communication and adapting to cultural differences by adjusting within its marketing strategies. McDonald’s growth strategy derived from its ability to franchise itself in different locations, but it must use different marketing strategies to survive in the modern era.  One of its biggest promotional platforms is TV advertising campaigns with a budget of 398.3 million dollars spent in the year 2022 (Statistica, 2022).

For example, McDonald’s started a promotion called famous orders which included Travis Scott’s campaign as a crossover with McDonald’s introducing a meal that Travis Scott orders at McDonald’s. This creates demand amongst customers that are fans of Travis Scott which consists of 63.92% males aged between 18-24 and the majority living within America (Similarweb, 2023). McDonald’s created exclusivity and scarcity as the product promotion was only available in the United States. The advert (Full Nelson, 2020) includes Travis Scott as an animated toy speaking directly to the audience in an informal, laid-back and cool approach. The elements used within the advertisement’s communication use of language and aesthetics are effective because the listeners of Travis can relate to and understand the communication use of Travis Scott due to his recognition and cultural impact within the Gen-Z and Millennial generation’s choice of music.

McDonald’s would also need to be careful of who they endorse as negative publicity of the celebrity can impact the customer relationship and perception for McDonald’s.

McDonald’s promotion success in its earlier days was led by Ray Kroc. The restaurant openings were determined by the population and geographical location and hiring franchisees to run the restaurants. This allowed McDonald’s to spread its locations across America to be accessible by customers (McDonald’s, 2020 please see slide 10). McDonald’s included traditional marketing tactics such as bright neon lights, road signs, newspaper articles, brochures and word of mouth. 

The change in market forces and behavior of customers demands rose especially with delivery orders. McDonald’s has catered to the change in market forces by offering delivery services, table qr services, and collection services through mobile phones. The mobile phone application is a massive advantage as customers have adopted mobile phones. McDonald’s have adapted to the change by creating an application that allows customers to order through mobile phones and earn rewards.

McDonald’s uses a variety of advertising and promotional tactics to communicate to customers such as TV advertisements, YouTube ads, radio advertisement and social media pay per click ads. McDonald’s has also tapped into the power of social media and word of mouth as an example of this is the grimace birthday milkshake. A user took TikTok by storm by acting deceased after drinking the milkshake and made the product go viral as it allowed content creators to take part of the trend increasing McDonald’s revenue across America.


McDonald’s includes a wide range of marketing and communication tactics and adapts the message based on geographic and culture relevance. McDonald’s had to grow its marketing channels and ideas to create demand for its products by staying up to date with new marketing channels, its uses and overall technology.

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